Review about Hosting24 That Claim as Professional Hosting Company

I have a Gold Account at hosting24 since 25/04/2010 and valid until 02/05/2014

I decided to take the hosting there because some promise features they provide. One of these features is that they will give shell access using SSH.


Promised Feature



December 2012 and I want to use SSH and since my account had recently moved to another server I need to know new information about how to access the SSH feature. But their answer is, they no longer provide the SSH feature. And they remove this feature without giving prior notice.

Here’s what they say

“I am really sorry, but due to security and performance Reasons SSH was turned off. However in order to compensate that we could add one month for free for your current hosting service. Or you can order a VPS server roomates has SSH access and you will have full control of it and the server’s resources. Let us know how we can proceed. ”

Of course I do not want to use the VPS. I like the features they promised returned to me. And if they can not give me want to cancel my account and the remaining refund they expect the rest of my money worth of the remaining validity period of my account.

And because what I asked for is money from my account time remaining until the expiration of my account I think it was pretty fair request. It’s 16 month which mean US$ 125.44.

They answer is they can not give the rest of my money if my account is older than 30 days, but they were actually processing the cancellation of my account and I lost all my files there.

Closing the account but did not want to refund the rest of my money? Did they think I was Santa Claus?

I still request a refund or return them to reactivate my account with SSH feature.

Their answer was, re-activate my account, the state of the mine file is missing, and so far they have not replied about the SSH features they once promised, and also about the departure of the files belong to me

I lost a lot of things, time, money and effort to deal with a hosting company that can only be claimed as a professional company. Not only because of this case but also cause by a lot of down time I face.

Something you have note about if  you hosting here and you use a free domain registration that they give if you buy hosting from them is, chek a whois information. According to a they technical support, they doesn’t activate a domain privacy. So if you check a a whois you will found your personal information advertise to the internet. You can use tools from site like to check your whois information.

I’m still waiting a good will from Hosting24 site to give me a feature you promise or give the rest of my money.

I highly do NOT RECOMMEDED anyone to deal with this hosting company.

The company has a facebook account

And also seems to account twitter



3 responses to “Review about Hosting24 That Claim as Professional Hosting Company”

  1. Just got an email from them that said they now activate again my account and said want to give a SSH feature


    I lost all of my file, my effort to create a site, my content, and my time.
    They create an empty account. All file gone.
    I got my feature back but lost every other thing.

    Still waiting an answer about my lossing file

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